Thinking of SELLING

I buy precision regulators, box chronometers, technical and decorative watches and all material related to the history of watch and chronometer making.

While auction houses continue to offer what often seems an attractive gamble, I can usually return anyone considering selling a much better deal once their commissions (sellers + buyers + costs) have been deducted. These are now as much as 40% or more of the total selling price. I offer a confidential and efficient service with various options that can be tailored to suit individual payment requests. These include outright purchase, commission sales and even sale by auction if desired.

NB: If you are looking to sell, I am more than happy to make an offer to purchase but need to see at least good clear images of the case, dial and movement in order to have some idea of what an object is worth to me. What I cannot, and will not, do is provide a valuation from photographs alone. As originality and condition are of paramount importance, I can only establish an accurate value if I have seen and handled the item. Please also know that a valuation is treated as a legal document in English law and that this is a service for which I charge.