I offer a ‘lifetime guarantee’ in as much that should any item prove to be a fake or is not as described, it may be returned for a full refund at any time. NB. Returns may be refused if the item is not in the same condition as sold. My guarantee does not cover mechanical breakages or failures, especially of items such as mainsprings which are liable to fail at any time. Should such an event occur I will however do all I can to look after both the item and the customer and organise repairs as quickly and as cheaply as I can.

Please also understand that all of the watches and movements sold by me are not new, nearly all being upwards of one hundred years old, having perhaps numerous previous owners. While I and those who work for me do our best to minimise age related problems, “perfect working order” for any such item is a myth and should not be expected, nor “perfect timekeeping”

Contact details can change and email services and individual computers can operate such that emails from me are blocked. I cannot be held responsible for any lack of expected contact – please check your spam filter. I am also human and can make mistakes, so please do get in touch rather than get upset if anything is not as expected/wanted. In the unlikely event of an unresolved dispute between myself and a customer, it will be settled according to English Law.