About David Penney

I have been involved in antiquarian horology for almost fifty years, first as an illustrator and subsequently as a writer, dealer and consultant to various private collectors and museums worldwide.

During this time it has been my privilege to get to know a range of talented and trustworthy individuals who share the same passion. It is with their help that I shall continue to offer a range of the best and most interesting watches and watch related material.

NB. Please bear in mind that it is always possible to purchase a good watch from a bad dealer. My aim, however, is never to sell a bad watch. All items are guaranteed to be as described.


Studied Surveying/Architecture at Regent Street Polytechnic, London


Studied Design/Illustration at Hornsey College Art, London

1971 to date

Worked in publishing before becoming a full time illustrator specialising in the History of Technology, especially Horology.
Clients include:
The British Museum

The National Maritime Museum

The Time Museum, Rockford

Prescot Museum, Liverpool

The Wallace Collection, London

Patek Philippe



The British Masters

George Daniels


Produced a set of three Prints, featuring the work of John Arnold, Joseph Knibb and George Daniels, in commemoration of the 350th anniversary of the formation of the Clockmakers’ Company in 1631.


Made Honorary Fellow of the British Horological Institute.


Editor of Antiquarian Horology, journal of the Antiquarian Horological Society.


Produced illustrations for and designed the cover and endpapers of the Patek Philippe book on Wristwatches, having previously designed and illustrated the endpapers for the Patek Philippe book on Watches, published in 1982.

1990 to date

Published articles and delivered talks on numerous horological subjects in England, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, America and Switzerland.


Commissioned by the Royal Mail to illustrate a set of stamps featuring the work of John Harrison.


Lectured on the life and work of Thomas Mudge at the ‘Longitude Symposium’ held at Harvard University.


Delivered the ‘James Arthur Lecture’ on the subject of ‘Horological Ephemera’ at the NAWCC Seminar in Toronto. Published in the NAWCC Bulletin, Vol 38/6, No 305, December 1996.


Produced my first horological Postal Auction Catalogue, trading as Charles Allix & Associates. Issued three editions (back copies available).


Awarded the Barrett Silver Medal by the British Horological Institute.


Started specialist horological publishing with a facsimile reprint of a Barraud & Lund´s Illustrated Price List of circa 1900, the first in a planned occasional series of books and reprints.


Retired from running the Information Illustration Course at the Royal College of Art London in order to became a full time Antiquarian Horologist.


Produced the Lord Harris Collection catalogue for Belmont House.


Produced my first solo Postal Auction Catalogue concentrating on watches and watchmaking. Seven editions issued, the last being in 2003 (back copies available).


Issued facsimile reprint of a Nicole, Nielsen & Co Ltd trade catalogue High–Class English Watches of circa 1910.


Became a part-time consultant to Sothebys.


Stopped issuing postal catalogues, due to ever-increasing postal charges.


AntiqueWatchStore website opened.


Delivered the ´Dingwall–Beloe Lecture´ at the British Museum on the subject of ´The Importance of Horological Ephemera for a Proper Understanding of the Clock and Watch Trades´ – published in three parts in Antiquarian Horology 2006–2007.


Became horological consultant to ‘The British Masters’ watchmaking company in Switzerland.


My article on ´Pierre Frederic INGOLD (1787–1878): his Impact on Watchmaking both in Europe and America´ was published as part of the book based on the proceedings of the 23rd NAWCC Annual Seminar held at Boxborough in October 2002.


Gave my talk ´Machine–Made Watch Manufacturing: the influence of American production methods on English practice´ at the 28th NAWCC Annual Seminar held at Cleveland – yet to be published.


Gave my talk ´GRAHAM, SHELTON and MUDGE: their influence on Precision Pendulum Clocks´ at the Antiquarian Horological Society´s Convention & AGM held at Liverpool – yet to be published.


Produced the basic measured illustrations of the turret clock and pocket watch from which the British Museum´s new animated displays were created.


Gave my talk on ´Evan ROBERTS, the greatest watch collector´ at the AHS London meeting – yet to be published.


Opened updated and improved website.


Gave my talk on ´ENGLISH HOROLOGY 1630-1950: Myths and Magnificence´ to the AHS American Section in London – yet to be published.


Gave my talk on ´Watches and Watchmaking, a short appraisal´ at the AHS London meeting – yet to be published.


Gave my talk on ´The English Carriage-clock as recorded by Charles Allix: an updated review´ at the NAWCC Seminar – yet to be published.


Resigned from the British Horological Institute.


Gave my talk on ´400 years of Watchmaking in England´ to the Clockmakers’ Company – yet to be published.


The book European Clocks and Watches in The Metropolitan Museum of Art by Clare Vincent, John Leopold and Elizabeth Sullivan published, including my illustrations.


My Paper ´INGOLD, NICOLE and LANGE: a New Way of making Watches´ published in Einfach-Vollkommen, the exhibition book published by the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Adolph Lange.




Gave my talk on ´Mail Guard’s Watches´ at the AHS AGM held at the National Maritime Museum – yet to be published.


Gave my talk on ´The Faking of English Watches´ at the AHS London meeting – yet to be published.


Became a part-time consultant to Bonhams.


Gave my talk on ´Edward MASSEY and the ‘Liverpool lever’ watch´ at the AHS AGM held at Keele University – abstract published on this website.


Publication of the National Maritime Museum Catalogue of Chronometers with 170 of my illustrations and photographs, many of which were not properly credited – a disaster for me and one that has ended my relationship with English museums, and Oxford University Press.


Gave my talk on ´Pierre-Frederic INGOLD: a new way of making watches´ at a Musée Internationale d’Horlogerie/BHI special event held in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland – yet to be published.


Published my Horological Profile No 1 Morton’s Patent Watches.

My article Thomas MUDGE and William DUTTON: a perfect partnership published as the introduction in Tobias Birch’s London exhibition catalogue.


Published my Horological Profile No 2 ENGLISH Wristwatches: the untold story.