Sam BERRY, London. No 310


£ 2,950.00

Good early 18th century verge in fine original condition, circa 1725.

More details

Large silver paircase with split bezel, short pendant (still revolving) and stirrup bow, the inner stamped IC (porobably John Clarke, London), the outer TS under a coronet (Tudor Smith, London) with contemporary silk and gold watchpaper/token. Fullplate fusee movement with square balluster pillars and beautifully pierced and engraved cock and slide plate. Verge (recoil) escapement. Steel balance, spiral balance-spring. 2-piece silver champleve dial in fine unpolished condition, the centre signed on twin banner cartouches BERRY LONDON, blued-steel beetle & poker hands. 57 mm diameter.

Samuel Berry recorded as gaining his Freedom of the Clockmakers' Company in 1705.

NB: Different 'box' (inner) and 'case' (outer) makers was the norm in the 17th century, a tradition that gradually changed during the fist quarter of the 18th century to one in which one maker supplied, or at least had their stamp placed in both. While modern marriages have always taken place I am certain that these two cases have always been together.

Rear of the outer with engraved G, possibly once part of a name, otherwise the watch showing few of the usual signs of wear and age, now 300 years old, a truly fine example of a post-Tompion verge at a fraction of the price. Serviced and guaranteed.