Paris work - rare early French lever movement


£ 495.00

Interesting independent centre-seconds movement, circa 1825.

More details

Large gilt barred two-train movement with trip lever (stop/start) at 6. Nicely made detached lever escapement with polished steel club-tooth (divided lift) escape, the pallets and unlocking actions jewelled. Plain balance, spiral balance-spring. Fine slightly domed enamel dial with so-called 'Breguet' numerals and matching hour hand. 54 mm diameter, 12 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

The name associated with this movement presumably went with the loss of its cuvette, but similar escapements are known in Paris work of this date. Note the distinctive shape of the polished steel lever which is carefully poised - a similar example can be seen in the quarter repeating watch by Henri Robert No 2161 dating from around 1830, and pin-pallet versions are known.

NB: Paris makers, after the early post-Emery copies made by Robert Robin, took to Mudge's escapement rather more enthusiastically than did the London makers and numerous interesting variants can be found. They are not common, however, as the cylinder and verge escapement continued to be the main escapements used, even by Breguet, well into the 19th century.

Edge chip to dial, lacking hands and all rather dusty. Not cleaned by me and tries to continue to tick when wound, but sold as needing at least a clean and fresh oil to do so properly.