W EHRHARDT, London. No 707148


£ 35.00

Good machine-made movement by this interesting firm, circa 1910.

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Small three-quarter plate (openface set) g-barrel movement with distinctive racking-bar keyless work and Ehrhardt's adjustable banking pins. Single-roller detached lever escapement with 'exposed pallets' in the American manner and club-tooth (divided lift) escape. Compensation balance, spiral balance-spring. Enamel dial, blued-steel hands. 32 mm diameter, 7 mm deep, not including centre arbor. 

William Ehrhardt (1831-1897), Time Works, Barr Street, Hockley, Birmingham, pioneers of machine-made watch production in England. One of the least known but most interesting English watchmakers of his time, a pioneer of advanced manufacturing techniques and holder of various UK Patents. See also William Ehrhardt’s obituary, published in the Horological Journal, January 1898. NB: His two eldest sons continued the business in Birmingham, the use of London on this movement being for the usual marketing reason.

Dial with cracks, otherwise in good original condition. Not cleaned by me but will tick if wound.