John HARRISON - the importance of his life and work


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A small archive of original scrapbook material.

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Various articles extracted from journals and magazines, comprising, in no particular order:

BETTS - 'John Harrison: inventor of the precision timekeeper.' 8-page article from Endeavour (new series) vol 17, No 4, 1993

AKED - 'John Harrison's Manuscript.' 3-part article over 13 pages from the Horological Journal, March, April and May 1976.

KING - 'The Man who defeated the Elements." 5-page article from Clocks, September 1978.

RHODES - 'Famous Clock Makers: John Harrison.' 3-page article from The Antique Dealer and Collectors' Guide, April 1949.

LAYCOCK - 'John Harrison, the man who mastered the pendulum.' 7-page article from the Horological Journal, February 1976.

QUILL - 'A James Harrison Turret Clock at Brocklesby Park, Lincolnshire.' 7-page offprint from the Horological Journal, not dated.

HUTCHINSON - 'John Harrison Discovery. The Clock at Nostell Priory.' 2-page article from the Horological Journal, June 1951.

BURGESS - 'The Grasshopper Escapement, its Geometry and its Proportions.' 7-page article from Antiquarian Horology, December 1971.

ROSEMAN - 'Famous Timepieces. Harrison's first Marine Timekeeper.' 3-page article from the Horological Journal, May 1981.

GOULD - 'Harrison's No 2 and No 3.' Letter and photograph from the Horological Journal, August 1924.

GOOD - ' John Harrison's Last Timekeeper of 1770.' 6-page article from the Horological Journal, December 1955.

Plus at least another seven complete articles and other items.

All in good or better condition and ideal for anyone seeking a wider knowledge about Harrison and his times.