James HODDELL & Co, No 53446, for T KIRKNESS, Scarborough


£ 2,295.00

Rare lever watch with up/down and M G Cole's Patent resilient banking.

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Gold double back case hallmarked London 1873, casemaker RR (Robert Rowlands). Half plate fusee movement jewelled to the third with cap jewels on balance, lever and escape and hard brass setting for the fusee, the top plate engraved PATENT RESILIENT. Single-roller detached lever escapement with spring banking mounted at the tail of the lever. Compensation balance, spiral balance-spring. Enamel dial with state-of-wind indication at 12, blued steel hands. 49 mm diameter.

James Hoddell & Co, 15 Northampton Square, Clerkenwell, important watch manufacturers and the license owner of this particular Cole's Patent. They have a deserved reputation for their watches and used an address in the heart of London's watchmaking district, but had their works at Craven Street in the Chapel Fields area of Coventry. NB: This is the second if not third example of Cole's Patent with up/down work seen by me that has an owners name on the movement, which was probably an option offered to the purchaser in an attempt to increase sales.

T H Kirkness, Scarborough, the name of the original owner engraved on the movement and with a nicely done 'THK' monogram on the rear cover.

Mortimer George Cole, Belvedere House, Bexley Heath, Kent, PATENT No 56, January1871. The second of two Patents taken out by Cole for resilient banking. NB: the banking can either be mounted at the tail of the lever, as this, or the fork end - see image of Patent drawing.

Slight hair crack at the dial edge near 10 and wear showing on the bow. Otherwise in fine original condition showing just a few signs of use - a rare complete example of Cole's patent. Serviced and guaranteed.