E BOURQUIN, La Heutte, Switzerland. No 20(?)


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Very rare Patent one-pallet lever movement, circa 1875, with provenance.

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Nickel barrel going-barrel movement with un usual rocking-arbor keyless work. Bourquin's one-pallet detached lever escapement with polished steel escape with alternating cylinder-type teeth acting on a single ruby pin, the fork acting with a standard single-roller. Compensation balance, spiral balance-spring. One-piece white enamel, the back signed by the painter and also numbered 16220 and 20. In American nickel plated display case glazed back and front, with handwritten paper label giving provenance. Case 55.5 mm diameter.

Edouard Bourquin, working at La Heutte, near Bienne, Switzerland, US Patent No 167,872, September 1875. See Chamberlain It's About Time, pages 80-82 for a full description and a drawing by Henry Wing of the escapement.

NB: Formerly in the Paul Chamberlain (Item 276) and later Henry C Wing collections, I believe this is the same movement as shown by Chamberlain. It is now in a display case as opposed to the Wing made case shown in the book. The button and stem will wind the movement but the clever hand setting is not working probably due to part of the motion work being missing - the winding wheel rocks back and forth between two different height teeth with winding and setting operated by the button in opposite directions.

Dial chipped, lacking hands and part of the motion work, the setting not fully operational. Otherwise complete and likely to be one of very few existing movements according to Chamberlain who notes that Bourquin died soon after taking out the Patent. Not cleaned by me and the winding stiff, but ticking happily if wound. A fine and unusual item for those interested in exotic escapements - I know of only one other example.