Machine à raboter - used to finish and shape the teeth of watch wheels


£ 2,995.00

A good early 19th century example of these rare machines.

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Brass body stamped 'IIM' with tongue for holding in a vice, complete with a one sided 'saddle' to support thinner wheels when being dressed, with no less than three hand held file-plates, each end intended to hold a different cutter, now lacking. Total length 22 cm (9 inches).

These rare Swiss machines could also be used as a 'machine à arrondir' but were superseded in the 19th century by the much more common 'rounding up tool' with rotary cutters. See Crom Horological Shop Tools, pages 579 to 589. 

A fine example in good unpolished condition with only minor signs of rust to some steel parts, lacking, as usual, the cutters - with modern cutters it would no doubt make a good usable example of this rare tool.