G FRODSHAM, 31 Gracechurch St, London. No 9314


£ 145.00

Good keyless lever movement with very rare if not unique resilient stud, circa 1875

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Three-quarter plate keyless going-barrel movement (hunter set), jewelled to the 3rd with cap jewels on balance(diamond), lever and escape, the 14-size frame stamped 1965. Single-roller detached lever escapement with ratchet tooth escape. Compensation balance, spiral balance-spring with an adjustable resilient stud of a type I have not seen before - the cock foot marked PATENT. 42.5 mm diameter.

George Edward Frodsham (1831-1903), one of the famous Frodsham family of clock and watch makers - see the book by Vaudrey Mercer.

The index on this watch is connected to a slide, held in place by two pins and a small polished steel screw in the cock. This moves curb pins mounted in a block along the resilient stud, thus altering its active length and strength when the index is adjusted. I have searched the English Patents but can find nothing that relates to this mechanism. NB: It may be significant that the firm of Parkinson & Frodsham used a resilient stud with a spiral balance-spring in many of their earlier chronometers.

Lacking dial, hands and motion work, otherwise complete and in good original condition. Not cleaned by me, balance swinging, but will not continue to tick. Sold as not working, but certainly well worth restoration.