Sale! DANIELS – The Art of Breguet

DANIELS – The Art of Breguet


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The now difficult to find standard work on this most famous maker. 

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Large format, boards, dust jacket, 394 pages, over 900 black & white illustrations, 25 in colour, numerous line drawings, some of which were done by the author and none, as is often thought, by me. Sotheby Parke Bernet, second impression, 1977.

I went to see George in the early 1970's about preparing the illustrations for this book, but my lack of knowledge about Breguet's mechanisms, with most of the watches no longer being available for me to see and handle, meant that George had to rethink what to do. Instead he decided to try and do them himself. 

George did do most of the plan and elevation drawings but could not do the perspective views, nor handle the ink linework very well. The publishers sought the help of an exRolls-Royce illustrator to do these, who also went over most if not all the linework. As you can see, the quality of work of this trained professional is very good, particularly regarding the Marie Antoinette illustration, and it is just a shame that George felt he needed to claim all the work as being done by himself.

NB: This information was told to me by Philip Wilson, the head of Sotheby publications, when I was working on George's book Watchmaking, a fact that obviously upset George who ever after called me a 'tracer'. While I understand that it somehow made him feel better about claiming the Breguet drawings as his, it was an insult to my profession that prevented me from doing any more work for him; and 'no' George did not supply me with a single drawing of his for me to ink in - every one in Watchmaking is my work and my work alone.

Out of print. Dust jacket with the expected shelf wear and small tears, otherwise very clean. Please note that it is a large and heavy book and will weigh around 3 kilos when packed.