Wm KEITH, Inverness. No 292


£ 745.00

Good looking Graham type cylinder watch, in fine original condition.

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Silver pair case hallmarked London 1813, casemaker J.F (Joseph Field, Clerkenwell), the outer with 19th century watchpaper - see pic. Capped fullplate fusee movement with nicely engraved cock, the 'half cap' used to access the index, as well as to show off the good sized diamond endstone. Cylinder (frictional rest) escapement, the brass escape with 16 teeth. Flat polished steel balance with banking pin in the rim, as made, spiral balance-spring. Cream one-piece enamel dial, gold hands. 55 mm diameter.

William Keith, High Street, Inverness, retailer. Recorded by Donald Whyte as working between 1814 and 1857 (Loomes dates would appear to be incorrect), which means this is a very early example, and almost certainly London work - good quality capped and jewelled cylinder watches are not common in Scotland, even by 1813.

Dial with hair crack at the edge, otherwise in really fine original condition, case and movement. Cleaned and guaranteed, and supplied with a properly fitting key if required.