W DAVIS & Sons, Birmingham. No 9227


£ 165.00

Good quality keyless movement with rare lever escapement, circa 1880.

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Three-quarter plate going-barrel movement with cap jewels on balance, lever and escape. Unusual form of double-roller detached lever escapement, with double thickness roller which is slotted to take a square shaped radial jewel and also provide for the safety action. Best quality compensation balance with quarter-timing nuts, spiral balance spring. Signed enamel dial, blued-steel hand. 41 mm diameter, 9 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

William Davis & Sons, New Street, Birmingham, retailers.

The actual maker/s of this movement is not known to me but similar forms of lever escapement occur throughout the 19th century, earlier examples having round jewels while the later tend to be square section - all are rare. I associate this form with the work of the escapement maker Samuel May who died in 1871, aged 58. A short obituary can be found the Horological Journal, June 1871, p118.

Lacking minute and seconds hands, dial with hair crack and balance pivot broken. Otherwise complete and a good example of a rare form of detached lever escapement. Not working.