E F ASHLEY, 2 Green Terrace, Clerkenwell. No 04070


£ 65.00

Good free-sprung movement by this interesting manufacturer, circa 1890.

More details

16-size half-plate keyless movement with rocking-bar keyless work (openface set), jewelled to the centre with cap jewels on balance (diamond),lever and escape. Single-roller detached lever escapement. Compensation balance, balance-spring with overcoil. Perfect signed, double-sunk enamel dial. 45 mm diameter, 9.5 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

Edward F Ashley (1835-1908), a very well respected Clerkenwell watch manufacturer who is said to have personally overseen the manufacture of all his watches and to have sprung them himself, some heading the Deck Watch Trials at Greenwich and Kew.

Broken balance pivot, otherwise in good original condition. Not working.