Sale! Lord GRIMTHORPE - 'bells'

Lord GRIMTHORPE - 'bells'


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Large colour portrait. 

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Statesmen No 559 by Spy (Leslie Ward), as produced for Vanity Fair, February 2, 1889, complete with the accompanying page of text. 37 x 26 cm. 

Running from 1869 until 1914, this weekly Society magazine published a series of full page caricatures of famous men and women of the day, prints that remain Vanity Fair's greatest legacy. 

This portrait of Edmund Beckett, the Right Honorable Lord Grimthorpe QC, LLD gives a perceptive insight into the strength of character of someone who seems never to have been afraid of winning an argument, even when he was wrong. Rightly known as someone without a great deal of sentiment when it came to the restoration of historical architecture, I rather believe that he applied the same quality of compassion when acknowledging the work of others when writing up his account of the work undertaken for the new Palace of Westminster clock - commonly called Big Ben. 

Lovely condition, ready to frame.