Watch chain - silver


£ 195.00

Fine complete Dutch fob-type chain, circa 1840.

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Silver decorative chain complete with its original split ring, twin seals and watch key, the rear of the silver plaque with Dutch hallmarks of a sword (twice), and a makers mark. Total length 9 inches (22.5 cm) and weighing 35 grams.

Once a common sight in various regions of Holland in the early nineteenth century, these chains were worn by men as part of their traditional costume - see accompanying contemporary painting of a group of people from the Island of South Beveland, in the Province of Zeeland as painted by Bing and Braet von Uberfeldt just prior to 1850.

NB: These watch fobs will have been attached mostly to Swiss made pair case verge watches, often bearing  London as their place of manufacture and a made up name. The watch will have been worn in a watch pocket in high waisted trousers and the chain used to extract the watch. Such chains are a great accompaniment to any such Swiss fake, but please remember it is only the place and name that are fake, the watches being genuine creations of the period, and of a type that had a ready sale in the Dutch market at this period.

In fine complete unpolished and un-repaired condition. - complete examples like this are rarely seen, often lacking the key or one of the seals.