Watch fob


£ 45.00

Decorative fob in the 'Egyptian' taste.

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Articulated gilt metal fob with ancient Egyptian motives back and front, with circular hanging pendant and dog-clip. 15 cmm in length, weighing 27 grams.

No makers mark and probably a 19th century tourist souvenir, or possibly dating from the post-1922 interest created by the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb.

NB: Fobs of this design originate from the late Georgian period when watches were worn in a special  pocket placed in the waistband of high waisted trousers. The fob, clipped to the watch bow, hung over the waistband for show, and was used by the wearer to lift the watch out of its pocket for inspection. Their use decreased after the watch moved to a new position in a waistcoat, but they were still occasionally used throughout the 19th century.

In fine condition showing few signs of wear.