MUDGE – David Penney escapement print


£ 50.00

My line illustration of the world's first detached lever, circa 1750.

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Top quality print on heavyweight archival paper and non-fade (200 year guarantee) ink. A4 size (29.5 x 21 cm), individually signed by me in pencil and ready for framing, and without my Copyright line of course.

All drawn from original surviving examples, where possible, measured by me and checked. Printed to order and available nowhere else. £50 each, or £250 for a set of six different escapements. See below for a list of what is presently available - others will be added or can be specially ordered:

VERGE escapement, standard English form, circa 170
GRAHAM cylinder escapement, circa 1730
MUDGE detached lever escapement, circa 1750
French VIRGULE escapement, circa 1780
ARNOLD pivoted-detent escapement, circa 1780
EARNSHAW spring-detent escapement, first type, circa 1790
ARNOLD spring-detent escapement, circa 1800
DUPLEX escapement, English single-wheel form, circa 1800
ORMSKIRK dead-beat escapement, twin escape wheels, circa 1815
PENNINGTON spring-detent ‘dovetail’ escapement, circa 1820
MASSEY type-1 detached lever escapement, circa 1820
MASSEY type-5 detached lever escapement, circa 1820
SAVAGE 2-pin detached lever escapement, circa 1820
MASSEY type-2 detached lever escapement, circa 1825
English LEVER, single-roller detached escapement, circa 1825
MASSEY type-3 detached lever escapement, circa 1830
BREGUET échappement naturel escapement, circa 1830
BROOKHOUSE & TUNNICLIFF detached lever escapement, circa 1835
MASSEY type-4 detached lever escapement, circa 1840
COLE double-rotary duplex-type escapement, circa 1850
LONDON PATENT detached ‘Robin’ escapement, circa 1860
PATENT UNION detached ‘Robin’ escapement, duplex escape wheel, circa 1870
Swiss LEVER, double-roller, straight-line detached escapement, circa 1890
RANDALL/THEURILLAT constant-force escapement remontoire, circa 1976
DANIELS co-axial escapement, circa 1980