Ralph GOUT 'PATENTEE' London. No 819


£ 995.00

Georgian watch-type Patent Pedometer by the inventor.

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Silver case and its attached suspension hallmarked London 1810, casemaker W.F (probably William Fielder, Clerkenwell). Good quality brass movement operated by a chain held in the suspension. Signed enamel dial. 51.5 mm diameter.

Ralph Gout, Bunhill Row, London, watch and pedometer maker. Patent No 2351, November 1799, "Certain new improvements for pedometers and pedometrical watches..." Various versions are known, for use while walking (as this example) or a saddle version for use on horseback, some models being a combined watch and pedometer. The Patent shows a drawing of a suitable pouch for holding this version in the breeches. The swinging of the watch causes the chain held in the suspension to pull on the steel arm at the top of the movement. This activates a ratchet in the movement, one step at a time. The small dial at right shows single steps and the small dial at left, steps up to 100. The main dial is calibrated to show 0 - 10,000 paces - as well as 1-10 (presumably) miles.

Case and dial with a few of the usual small scratches (the hands are manually re-set to zero), otherwise in good original condition. Not cleaned by me but working correctly and, importantly, complete.