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Provenance is an important aspect of collecting, restoration and research and knowledge about an item can be of great importance to those wishing to sell as well as those who are considering purchasing what are often expensive watches. My research services are designed to assist those who desire to know more about a specific piece.

For the last thirty five years I have collected and collated information on many English chronometer, clock and watch makers as well as their products. Computerisation has enabled me to compile a large searchable database of material regarding the provenance of many precision and technical items, as well as a unique library of reference books and original ephemera. The database can not only supply knowledge about past owners but also about past changes and restoration, as well as help prevent the problems surrounding items that have previously been stolen.

Starting with the work of Thomas MUDGE, William DUTTON and their successors Matthew and Thomas DUTTON, I am now in a position to offer a comprehensive search for anyone interested in the history and provenance of a particular example of their work.

I am also enlarging the database constantly and information on many other makers is already considerable. These include: Arnold, Barwise, Breguet, Brockbank, Cole, Cummins, Cumming, Dent, Earnshaw, Ellicott, Emery, Frodsham, Graham, Grant, Haley, Hardy, Hatton, Holmes, Howells, Ingold, Jefferys, Jump, Kendal, Kullberg, Margetts, Martin, Mathews, Molyneux, Nicole Nielsen, Pendleton, Pennington, Quare, Rentzsch, Shelton, Smith & Son, Tompion, Vulliamy and very many more.

All enquiries will, where possible, be answered within 7 days and if nothing is found no fee will be charged. Details concerning any records will be supplied but to ensure that no charges are made for information already to hand, known details of any published provenance should be included with the request. NB. If you require a valuation, I cannot do this without seeing and handling the item as originality and condition are of paramount importance. I also charge for this service.

All I require to begin the search is:
  • the Name of the maker
  • the Number or other identifying marks, if any
  • any Hallmarks, if known
  • information about any Book, Magazine or Auction reference of which you are already aware.

I will then reply with a list of any references I have. The cost ranges from £25 upwards, depending on results, not usually exceeding £100. See my Payment Page for details of how to pay.

PLEASE NOTE: All enquiries will be treated in total confidence. Privately supplied or personal information is not kept on the database and the present ownership and whereabouts of any item will never be disclosed.