Specialist services

I buy and sell precision regulators, box chronometers, technical watches and all material related to precision timekeeping. Though I deal in many items, I advertise only a single item in each quarterly issue of Antiquarian Horology, the journal of the English Antiquarian Horological Society. As good and interesting items are becoming increasingly harder to source, enquiries and wants–lists from both existing and prospective customers are invaluable.

I also attend all London and many UK regional and international auctions. Once instructed, I will act on a clients´ behalf by issuing independent condition reports, as well as making purchases and clearing goods if required. I do not charge a commission on a successful purchase but rather charge for the report. I strongly believe that ´what not to buy´ is in many ways much more important.

During the past fifteen years it has been my pleasure to help form a number of carefully considered collections. This is the most rewarding part of my life as an antiquarian horologist, and I am always happy to hear from anyone who is considering either starting to collect or upgrading an existing collection.

Appraisal and insurance reports, based on the best and most up to date information, also undertaken. please CONTACT ME for details.


I have numerous customers seeking to fill gaps in their collection. I would be most pleased to hear from anyone who may be considering the sale of box chronometers, watches or watch movements of interest, especially if of technical, precision or unusual merit. Pocket chronometers, complete watches and movements, are always wanted.

As well as selling out-of-print and antiquarian horological books, I am very keen to purchase watch and chronometer related ephemera, including trade catalogues, letterheads, and especially trade cards and watchpapers. Swaps on a two-for-one basis are available if preferred.

I offer a confidential and efficient service with various options that can be tailored to suit individual payment requests. These include outright purchase, commission sales and sale by auction.


Over the past thirty years it has been my privilege to get to know some of the finest craftsmen still working. If you have a good watch that needs sympathetic restoration, from a simple clean through to a properly made and tempered spring–detent, I may be able to help. However, anyone who is both good and experienced is also very busy, and waiting times can be very long. No work related to faking will be taken on.


Provenance is becoming increasingly important within the field of antiques in general. Research of any watch and its maker can be undertaken, as well as my usual illustration and photographic services. I take particular pride that my records, formed over the last forty years and now numbering over 50,000 entries, are second to none. Please enquire if you would like to know more.


New commissions undertaken for both line and colour, digitally based, horological illustration. Charges start at £350 depending on the complexity and license required. Nearly all of my past illustration work is available for use, either as a single framed print for personal use or in an article or other publication. Prices start from as low as £50. Please enquire if you would like to know more.
All of my older and limited edition prints are now sold out, but I am keen to buy back good examples whenever possible. When copies become available, they will appear in the relevant section on this site. I also have some signed copies left of the Royal Mail ´Presentation Pack´ with my Harrison stamps that were issued in 1993.


I have a large and unique collection of horological ephemera available to those considering publishing on any topic of horology. Numbering over 8,000 items it includes billheads, letterheads, trade cards, watchpapers, and portraits, dating from the 16th to the 18th centuries. The price for a reproduction license starts from as low as £50. Please enquire if you would like to know more.


I have a series of booklets and reprints on the topic of chronometer and watch making planned over the next decade, the first two reprints of which have been published: Barraud & Lunds, and NicoleNielsen & Co Ltd. Numerous future projects are under way and I would be grateful to hear from anyone who has information on the following:

George Graham

Thomas Mudge and William Dutton

Robert Pennington

Victor Kullberg

Nicole Nielsen and his watches bearing various retailers names

Hector Golay and his watches bearing various retailers names

Pierre-Frederick Ingold, in Switzerland, France, England and America

The Massey family of watchmakers, Liverpool

Bahne Bonniksen, Coventry

Lancashire Watch Co, Liverpool, unusual examples only

J W Benson, unusual examples only

Rotherham & Co, Coventry, unusual examples only

S Smith & Son, later trading as Smiths, particularly their English made wristwatches
If you have been researching in the field of chronometer and watch making and are interested in publication assistance, including copy editing, image finding, design, and distribution, please CONTACT ME.