Everything created by authors, photographers and illustrators (both professional and amateur) is covered by the Law of Copyright. This applies to works on paper and those created digitally - work seen on the internet is not free to use. These original rights are mostly internationally recognised and last for seventy (70) years after the death of their creator.

It is theft to copy images and texts. If you do, you are likely to be sued, and I have taken numerous people to court for doing so, never having lost a case. Copyright infringement is relatively easy to prove, and claiming not to know the law is never, ever, accepted as an excuse in court.

If you want to use my images or my descriptions, then you must ask me first. I will then be able to grant you a licence to use my work and tell you if a fee needs to be paid and, as important, what credit must be included when my work is re-used. Using my work without a credit allows others to think they can copy my work, and leaves you open to being sued.

Please also know that tracing an illustration, either by hand or using a computer, breaches both actual and moral copyright (Google it) and is in many ways a more damaging and annoying theft, for which greater damages will be sought by me.

Lastly, the information itself is not subject to copyright. It is presented on my website in order to better inform my customers and for anyone to enjoy, but please if you do decide to re-use any of my information yourself, even if totally re-written or re-drawn, an acknowledgement to its origins (myself and my website), is the honest and polite thing to do. If you don’t, you will make yourself most unwelcome, something I shall not forget - website bloggers, auction houses and magazine editors, please note.

Thank you, David Penney

Antiquarian Horologist & Horological Consultant