Ferdinand BACHSCHMID, Bienne, Switzerland


Patent pin-pallet lever movement: montre Roskopf perfectionneé.

More details

Split three-quarter plate keyless movement jewelled to the 3rd, numbered 14905 on the frame, with exposed winding wheels in the Glashutte style, the top plate not named but bearing the Swiss (Berne) Patent stamp and number 4554.  Pin-pallet detached lever escapement with steel pins, lever and escape wheel with all lift on the teeth, acting with a brass double roller. Compensation balance, spiral balance-spring. Enamel dial in perfect condition, blued-steel hands. 43 mm diameter.

Ferdinand Bachschmid, founded in Berne in 1876, registering its trademark in 1882. Known for producing Ingold fraises, the company was awarded medals at the  Zurich 1883 Exhibition, at Brussels in 1886 and at Paris in 1889. Swiss Patent 4554, February 1892: montre Roskopf perfectionneé. NB: few Roskopf-type movements were manufactured and sold with operational compensation balances and it would be interesting to know just how well these watches performed when new.

In good complete condition but not cleaned by me and with the bloom of long dried up oil. Nothing appears to be broken but not willing to tick.  Sold as needing at least a service and fresh oil to work properly.