DENT ‘Watchmaker to the Queen’ 33 Cockspur St, London. No 30639


Good quality Nicole Nielsen keyless lever movement, circa 1890.

More details

Three-quarter plate, pillar-less going-barrel movement with Nicole's post 1884 keyless work (hunter set), the frame stamped with Nicole's new series number. Single-roller lever escapement with Nicole's 'rat's tail' lightened lever. Compensation balance, balance-spring with overcoil. Snap-on signed enamel dial in perfect condition. 42.5 mm diameter, 8.5 mm deep, not including centre arbor.

The firm of M F Dent, along with the sister company of E J Dent, one of the most important London watch, clock and chronometer makers of the second half of the 19th century.

Nicole Nielsen were the foremost London watchmakers of the second half of the 19th century, supplying many of the finest chronographs, repeaters and tourbillion watches to retailers such as Frodsham, Dent, Smith & Son, and Roskell. See my reprint of a Nicole Nielsen trade catalogue and my site Glossary for more information about this most important and still underrated London firm, the first to successfully manufacture machine-made watches on the Ingold plan, ie, bringing the production of both the rough movement and its finishing under one roof, and making full use of new machinery to do so - this is before Waltham in the USA.

Seconds hand lacking, otherwise in very good original condition. Not cleaned by me but will tick happily when wound.